Google Creates Shopping Campaigns "Upgrade Tool" for AdWords Advertisers

Google wants to motivate advertisers to make the switch from Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to Shopping campaigns and has released an upgrade tool to "help you upgrade in a matter of clicks," it says in a blog post.

In April, Google AdWords announced it would do away with regular PLA campaigns by the end of August in favor of these Shopping campaigns, which it said are a new way to manage PLAs and offer more features than PLA campaigns alone. Those features include a bid simulator, additional options for campaign creation, and the ability to create multiple ad groups.


The AdWords help files detail how to use the tool:

With the Shopping campaign upgrade tool, you select the regular Product Listing Ads campaign you want to upgrade, and AdWords will try to create a new Shopping campaign for you based on that campaign. During this process, you choose the status you want to set for your existing campaign and your new Shopping campaign, once it’s created. You can find a link to the upgrade tool from the Settings tab of any regular Product Listing Ads campaign that hasn’t already been submitted using the tool.

Google notes not all campaigns are compatible with the tool. For example, if advertisers use AdWords labels or groupings in their product targeting or inventory filters, they’ll need to upgrade the data feed with custom labels before using the tool.

On August 12 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET, Google will be hosting a Hangout on Air to walk through the tool and how to prepare for Shopping now that advertisers are facing the home stretch.  

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