Google Now Calculates Bitcoin Prices in Search Results

How much is a Bitcoin worth today? Now Google can tell you. The search giant has added a Bitcoin calculation tool to its search results for certain queries such as [Price of BTC] or [Bitcoin price].

Bitcoin Price Google Search

One Bitcoin, according to a Google search, is worth $618.83 at the time of writing. Currency conversion is also possible, and a search for [$1,000 to Bitcoin] delivered an immediate result (1.5958 Bitcoin).

Bitcoin watcher Coindesk says that this is the result of Google's arrangement with Bitcoin price checker and and news website Coinbase. It also follows Bing adding a Bitcoin conversion in February.

Coinbase announced its deal with Google Finance last month, and introduced its initial use by the latter.

"Now that Coinbase's API is being used on Google, anyone who uses Google can see a graph of current and past bitcoin values compared to US dollars. They can also use Google's currency converter to determine how many dollars equal how many bitcoin, and vice versa," Coinbase said. "We're glad to be working with Google, furthering their goal of bringing more of the world's information to people seeking answers."

The same feature is available through the Google Search app on smartphones.

"You can also ask Google to do conversions," said a spokesperson. "If you have the Google Search app on your smartphone, for example, ask it, 'How many bitcoin are in 500 US dollars?' and you'll get the answer in a handy conversion tool."

Google's help webpages say that the firm cannot guarantee the accuracy of its calculations.

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