Google Search for Android: "OK, Google" and Audio History

Android users rejoice! Google Search 3.5.14 includes the addition of a new "OK, Google" feature as well as Audio History. What do you need to know?

"OK, Google" From Any Screen

Users can now utilize the phrase "OK, Google" from any screen on their phone to initiate a voice search. Prior to the update, users could only use this command from the home screen.


                                         Image Credit: Phonedog

Phonedog shared instructions on how to enable this new feature:

  • Open Google Now
  • Menu
  • Settings
  • Voice
  • "OK, Google" Detection

You can then choose if you would like the voice command to work from any screen including the secure lock screen. Droid Life shared the following video walk-through of the new features.

Google Audio History

Google hopes to improve users' experience through the use of Audio History. Google will utilize Audio History as a means to:

  • Learn the sound of your voice
  • Learn how you pronounce words and phrases
  • Recognize when you say "OK, Google"
  • Improve speech recognition across Google products that use your voice

Is "OK, Google" a Game-Changer?

While Google’s most recent Google Search updates for Android may seem small, they potentially have a large impact on the way that users are interacting with the service. Ease of use can go a long way in increasing the use of a product. If you’re an Android user, have you downloaded the update? If so, do you find yourself utilizing the "OK, Google" function more now that it is accessible from anywhere?

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