Google Analytics Starts Diagnosing Your Tracking Code For Errors

Most sites today use some sort of content management system (CMS) to manage their site. This typically includes common elements like headers, menus, footers, and other code needed, like Google Analytics tracking code.

Specialized one-off landing pages or sites not controlled by a CMS can sometimes lead developers to forget pieces of code. Or perhaps you have that one unique page that tracks certain events or transactions and for whatever reason, the code gets bungled.

Fear not, Google Analytics has an update that, when rolled out, will help resolve those situations.

Announced yesterday, Google Analytics will now help diagnose the tracking code on your pages to help you determine which pages have botched tracking code or conflicts in filters.


Google Analytics Diagnostics will be rolling out as a beta test with just a handful of users in an attempt to help site analysts discover issues that cause incorrect data to be collected or not collected at all in many cases.

Analytics Diagnostics will "frequently" scan your site for issues with tagging, account configurations, tracking code and reporting data for issues that may potentially lead to data-quality issues.

This new diagnostics feature is being unrolled slightly differently from other beta features. On their blog post, the Google Analytics team said it won't be released to all users until they receive more feedback and improve the system and "it will take some time to get there."

However, if you really can't wait and want to get on the waiting list, the Analytics team will let you request to signup. To do so, fill out this form, and your interest in helping test may be considered.

Interestingly, the form asks if your company has ever signed a non-disclosure agreement with Google. That question suggests that you may need to sign an NDA to be qualified.

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