Bing Webmaster Tools Connected Pages Let You See Owned Content Search Terms

While one search engine is taking away keywords, Bing is letting you see more. Bing has announced Connected Pages, a feature that lets you claim your owned content properties and see how they're discovered in search.

For example, if you can use a this new tool to claim your Facebook business page, LinkedIn profile, app store pages, and other social properties in Bing Webmaster Tools. Once claimed and connected, you'll be able to see all kinds of information from inbound links to search terms for those Connected Pages.

Bing Connected Pages Dashboard

Bing Connected Pages Dashboard

To connect a page:

  • Sign into Bing Webmaster Tools and select Connected Pages from the Configure My Site section.
  • Complete the URL path for the various media networks associated with your page on that network.
  • Click Verify.

This may take a few moments, especially if you fill out multiple networks at the same time.

If verification fails, you'll see a message in red next to the Connected Page URL area. If everything is successful, you won't receive feedback and data will start showing up.

Make sure your connected page profile has a link to your site's URL or it won't be verified.

Bing states data will start to be populated for each of the Connected Pages within 72 hours. My Twitter and LinkedIn data, however, started to appear almost instantly. Once connected, you're connected for good.


So far, the networks you're able to connect to include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Windows Store
  • Google Play
  • Apple Store
  • Pinterest
  • Windows Phone Store
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • MySpace

Interestingly enough, though Bing and Klout are partnered for search, Klout is surprisingly missing from the Connected Pages list.

If you aren't using Bing Webmaster Tools, this makes for a compelling reason to start. Bing not only provides traffic data on your website, but nearly all your owned media.

Will you start using Bing Webmaster Tools now? What about Bing as an engine? Sound off in the comments.

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