Google Analytics Real-Time Event and Conversion Reports Are Out of Beta

Google Analytics developers have taken the "beta" moniker off of real-time Event and Conversion reports, are expanding it to apps, and are adding metrics for active visitors.

The Google Analytics team announced the addition of conversions back in May. However, as with most Google products, it had been in beta since.

Throughout this time, Google has watched its usage and collected feedback from users. The result? Real-time Events and Conversions reports are now officially out of beta and everyone will start to see the reports as it officially unrolls over the next few weeks.


Additionally, based on feedback from users, the Google Analytics team has expanded its reach. Both the real-time reports for events and conversions are also going to be in Google Analytics profiles for apps. For those organizations using Google Analytics within their mobile app, real-time event and conversion reports will now be available.

By adding real-time event tracking to apps, developers will be able to have a little more understanding to errors that are reported through the app or by users in an app store.

For example, server issues or network connectivity issues will be shown as they happen, while developers are able to compare to their monitoring tools. This provides far greater insight than reading a comment or report hours or days later.

What are your thoughts? Were you one of the lucky few to have had access to these reports while they were in beta? Are you excited to get them? Sound off in the comments.

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