Matt Cutts on Google's International Spam-Fighting Efforts

Matt CuttsIf you've ever been curious just how much web spam fighting goes on for non-U.S. markets, it is the topic of the latest webmaster help video from Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts.

Is the webspam team taking the same measures to counter spam in international markets like India like they do in the US market? It just seems like there are a lot of junk sites that come up in the first page of results when searching on

"The web spam team has both engineers who work on algorithmic spam and we have the manual web spam team and both of those work on spam around the world," Cutts said. "So in India, we want the algorithms whether they be link spam or keyword stuffing or whatever work in every language is much as we can, and so we do try to make sure to a degree that it is possible for us to do it, we internationalize those algorithms.

Cutts said that Google engineers fight spam in 40 different languages throughout the world. Not only that, they also have engineers located throughout the world, including in Hyderabad, who are not only working on, but are also working on the international versions of Google, such as in to fight spam.

He said that English search spam in the U.S. on tends to get more attention, since not every engineer can speak specific languages. But he follow that up that if you see any problematic spam in any of the Google versions, to submit a spam report so it can be looked into, to post in the Google webmaster help forums, or even send a tweet about it.

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