Blekko Brings Izik Search to iPhone, Android With New 'What's Nearby' Feature

blekko-izik-iphoneYou may remember the launch of Izik in January, which brought users tablet-friendly search courtesy of Blekko that's geared toward gesture-controlled navigation and image-focused results. Now the Izik experience is tailored to and available for all smartphone users.

Blekko's Izik app organizes useful information tailored to those on the go. In its announcement, Blekko illustrated a scenario where Izik search would be ideal: looking for movie information.

"You want to know a movie's plot, its cast, critical reviews, pictures, video clips, recent news about the movie and more. You're looking for multiple pieces of information on the movie and need a tool that organizes search results into categories to help you find what you need quickly and painlessly, and without clicking through multiple tiny blue links."

Blekko says many of the features on the tablet app are available for iPhone and Android smartphone users, but recognizes that the intent behind mobile and tablet usage varies.

"While tablets are more focused on media consumption around the home and office, mobile phones serve more as a tool to help you on the go, while also helping pass the time in line at the supermarket and post office," Blekko said.

Keeping that in mind, Blekko added the "what's nearby" feature for mobile. This feature helps users find popular local establishments close to them if the user's location is shared with the app.

This release is just one of many recent moves that shows Blekko is continuing to re-imagine the search experience. Not too long ago, Blekko announced a new look and feel for its search engine results that redefined the SERP "norm."

For a demonstration of what the Izik tablet app looks like in action, check out this video:

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