Google Analytics Admin Panel Gets a Redesign

In a move designed to "dramatically streamline" the user experience, Google Analytics announced a redesign of the administration panel.

Not only does the new design have a more consistent look and feel, but it should also go a long way to helping users visualize the settings for an account, property, and profile much easier.

The main administrative settings are now organized into three columns for each of the three main groups of settings: accounts, properties, and profiles.


Each of the three sections may be clicked and selected to reveal a more in-depth look at all of the settings. Once you drill down into an area, the settings take on a look that resembles the more-familiar report navigation in the Reporting areas.


Also note that the moniker of profile is being changed to views. This, too, is a new change. According to the Google Analytics team:

We are also renaming profiles to views to most closely match the present and future meaning of what this object represents: a view of the data Analytics collected for your property.

This is a very dramatic change from the previous design.


Google's aim is for a more simplified navigation area so that you can set up and configure new accounts and properties faster and easier. So when you log into Google Analytics and see the new look – fear not. You're in the right place!

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