New Bing Integrated Search App Coming With Windows 8.1

If you have Windows 8, Microsoft says it's going to revolutionize your search experience now that Windows 8.1 is landing.

Last summer, Bing introduced a suite of search apps that "completely reimagined search." Taking cues from the Bing for iPad search app and borrowing from the tiled, "Metro" theme of Windows 8, Bing announced they would take search away from 10 blue links and make it visually and hand-gesture friendly.

Microsoft has announced new features coming in Windows 8.1. Once such feature is a new global search for Windows 8, powered by Bing. According to their statement:

"In Windows 8.1, the Search charm will provide global search results powered by Bing in a rich, simple-to-read, aggregated view of many content sources (the web, apps, files, SkyDrive, actions you can take) to provide the best 'answer' for your query."


"Quick actions include things you would want to do like play a song or video," reads the announcement from Antoine Leblond, Corporate Vice President. "Results from local files, apps, and settings are easily accessed in the same convenient view by scrolling to the left."

You can't help but think this sounds a lot like the integrated Google search app for Android 4 devices. It, too, encompasses a web results along with your contacts, apps and music files. The difference, however, is that the Windows 8.1 search appears to be considerably more visual. It allows for swiping and other gestures to be able to puruse results and beyond.

Do you have a Windows 8 device? Will this change your feelings on using Bing as your default search? Sound off in the comments.

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