Streetmap Lawsuit Accuses Google of 'Cynical Manipulation of Search Results'

legalGoogle is the subject of yet another anti-competitiveness complaint, this one from Streetmap.

Streetmap used to do a lot of business back in the 2000s. It still does of course, it's just that Google Maps does more business for more people.

The mapping alternative has had enough of this and, according to reports, has got some lawyers on the case and alerted the high court over its fear that Google is giving its Maps preferential treatment.

"We have had to take this action in an effort to protect our business and attract attention to those that, like us, have started their own technology businesses, only to find them damaged by Google's cynical manipulation of search results," said Kate Sutton, commercial director of Streetmap, in a widely reported statement that we first saw at Bloomberg.

A Google spokesperson told us, "We haven't seen this complaint."

Streetmaps' complaint was the second of the antitrust variety Google had to deal with last week.

Google foes FairSearch, made up of Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle among others, filed a complaint accusing Android of being a "Trojan Horse" and promoting Google apps. 

This article was originally published on the Inquirer.

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