Majestic SEO Adds Fresher Index & Free URL Submitter

Majestic SEO is expanding yet again. Fresh off of announcing the Majestic SEO Fresh Index increased to 90 days, the Majestic SEO Team has introduced a new URL submission tool open to everyone, not just their paid subscribers.

This URL submission tool will allow anyone to submit their website to Majestic SEO. The Majestic SEO crawler will visit the URL in an effort to improve their crawl and reports they deliver. It also means Majestic SEO can crawl and index your pages faster.

While Majestic SEO says there is no guarantee your site will be crawled, most URLs submitted will be crawled within a few hours and will be available in the index the next day. If you have a free Majestic SEO account, you can submit up to 100 URLs per day.


Majestic SEO already allows users to upload URLs in bulk to get a quick analysis, leaving many customers may wonder what the big deal is surrounding a URL submission tool. However, this URL submission tool allows submitters to re-proritize how the crawler to index certain URLs faster.

Without submission, Majestic SEO's crawler would eventually find URLs on your site. Using the submission tool, you're able to tell their crawler that certain pages need to be indexed quicker.

Majestic SEO coined flow metrics with relation to SEO backlinks. Their Fresh Index is used to analyze the links poiting to your site sites pages. Whether you are a client of Majestic SEO or their tools are new to you, check out their recent 10 facts you didn't know about them blog post, compiled after surveying their clients.

What does this new URL submission tool mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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