Bing Introduces Sitelink Extensions in PPC Ads


Bing Ads has added sitelink extensions, which will allow advertisers to link searchers directly to specific pages of their website. The ad extensions will appear for paid search ads on both Bing and Yahoo.

Sitelinks extensions are available at the campaign-level only, and apply to all ads within the campaign. Advertisers can add up to 10 sitelinks per campaign. Sitelinks should be entered in the order they are to appear to customers. Sitelink extensions are subject to the same editorial review as ads and are currently available in the U.S. only.


To add sitelinks to your ads:

  • Go to the Campaigns page in the Bing Ads interface.
  • Click the Ad Extensions sub-tab.
  • Click Add an Extension > Sitelinks Extensions
  • Add titles and link destination URLs.
  • Save.

Once ads are running with sitelinks, advertisers can see performance data including spend, number of clicks, impressions, CTRs, and average CPC or CPM.

Microsoft employee Rishi Bal wrote in the official announcement, “It is worth noting that during our pilot phase of Sitelink Extensions, most of our advertisers experienced an increased click-through rate of 15-25% compared to a standard search ad without Sitelink Extensions -- many did much better than that. These additional text + URL pairs have the capability to help you drive improved ROI, so I encourage you to try them out today.”

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