Bing Releases Windows 8 App

Windows 8 is set for an October 26 release date, but Microsoft introduced its Bing for Windows 8 app last week. Emphasizing the user experience, the Bing Search Blog stated they "completely reimagined search" for Windows 8.

Redesigned from the ground up with visuals similar to the the "Metro" style, Bing on Windows 8 is gesture-friendly and full of eye candy. The Bing homepage image users have come to enjoy take center stage. Results are listed in large, touch-friendly tiles, taking the search experience well beyond 10, blue text-based links.

Related searches and suggested queries are also built inline using tiles that scroll horizontally. Image search results are also collaged together in tiles.


Similar to the Bing for iPad app, the Bing for Windows 8 app includes Snap, the ability to search from anywhere. Snap, however, adds a feature, snapping the search result tiles to the left side of the screen.

When a search tile is tapped, Internet Explorer opens the page to the right, across the remaining screen area. This lists search results side-by-side with the browser and allows users to see web pages associated with the search results without ever leaving the search experience and without bouncing back-and-forth between pages.

While you can still use Bing in a browser, the new Bing for Windows 8 app has been optimized to take advantage of the Windows 8 environment.

The Bing app is actually part of a suite that includes six additional Bing apps. The visual nature of search is prevalent through all the Bing apps for Search, Travel, Weather, Maps, News, Sports, and Finance. The visual display and gesture interface streamlines the user experience across all the apps.


If you haven't noticed, Bing is continuing to evolve the search experience. In light of the new Microsoft Surface tablet, is the eye candy enough to entice users to make the switch? Let us know your thoughts below.

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