Blekko SEO Tools Now Costs $99/Month


SEOs accustomed to using Blekko as a free option for checking backlinks will now see a sign-up form when trying to access their SEO tools. Last week, the slashtag search engine changed to a paid model for SEO data.

Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta confirmed the change to a subscription model and told Search Engine Land, “We offer the only web-wide set of ranking, backlinks, anchortext, duptext, and other associated raw ranking data which is validated by an associated search index.”

Earlier this summer, Blekko upgraded their Scoutjet crawler to bring back more comprehensive, real-time data for SEOs. Previously, users could type /seo after a query in the Blekko engine for access to information on inbound links, duplicate content, site pages, and more. They could also access it by clicking the SEO tool in the second line of each result.

Now, they will see the above sign-up form and are required to pay a $99 monthly subscription, putting Blekko in competition with Ahrefs, Majestic, and other paid tools.

Blekko search is source-based rather than link-based. Actual people identify top sites through human curation and a team of former librarians are on staff, helping to curate slashtags and create new ones. Blekko closed a $30 million round of funding at the end of September 2011, with Russian search engine Yandex contributing $15 million.

Will you continue using Blekko at its new price point?

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