Yahoo Image Searches Get Infinite Scrolls, Social Sharing

Yahoo has updated its image search with two significant new features. Searchers can now scroll infinitely through the results and share images they like on either Facebook or Twitter. Yahoo is the last of the major search sites to add such features.

Yahoo's New Image Features


Infinite scrolling has become common enough in online venues that it needs little explanation; after the search, you just get to scroll – infinitely. All other Yahoo image search features remain in-tact as the user scrolls.

When, in the course of that scrolling, the user stumbles upon something they particularly enjoy, it's now easier to share it with the world. Yahoo has taken the social sharing element even further than competitors Bing and Google by allowing users to share content on either Facebook or Twitter directly from the image results page.

These additions represent the second major face-lift for Yahoo image search in the second half of this year alone. The first set of changes took place in August, when Yahoo added new organization, full-sized images, and improved navigation.

Late to the Game

While the features are certainly recognized as being positive, and Yahoo has made the sharing even more accessible and customizable than others have, Yahoo is still showing itself as a late-comer.

Google added infinite scrolling to their images last year and Bing has been doing this since 2009. On the social front, Google recently integrated +1s with images. Meanwhile, Bing has been using Facebook likes as a metric and organizational tool, has added easy sharing buttons to Bing mobile.

Still, the features are solid.

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