Bing for Mobile Adds Movies, Videos, Facebook Likes

Bing has rolled out several new features to Bing for Mobile Browse (, Bing’s version for smartphone and tablet browsers. The features include information about movies, a new video section, and the addition of Facebook “likes” to Bing’s search results pages.


First, Bing is continuing a focus on entertainment with the inclusion of movie data. Users can now check out show times, ratings, what’s in theaters, and – when they need to make up their mind – the trailer itself right from Bing. Still undecided? You can use integrated Facebook features to ask for advice or give recommendations.


Second, Bing has included a new video section that, according to their blog post, “brought together millions of videos from across the web – from Hulu, MSN, Youtube and a slew of other sources.” All these videos are viewable from your mobile device. Some special tabs have even been included for sports fans; just check out the MLB, NBA, and NHL video collections.


And last, but certainly not least, we have the presence of Facebook “likes” on the mobile search engine results page. This means that results that have been liked by friends on Facebook will now be promoted. Additionally, even on the mobile browser, users can now see the faces of up to three friends who recommended the source.

Bing’s partnership with Facebook represents one of the search engine’s most iconic elements and easy-to-note advantages. Facebook has yet to partner with other major search engines, leaving Google’s social search features to fly without the largest social network on the planet.

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