Important Google Shopping Feed Requirement Reminder

Google wants to remind ecommerce websites that new Google Shopping tech specs go into effect on September 22. We broke down the new requirements here.

At SES San Francisco in August last month we got to talk to Mayuresh Saoji, Senior Product Manager of Google Product Search, who commented on the new enforcement rules.

Highlights include:

  • If not complying to the new Google Product Search requirements, account enters a 7 day warning period.
  • If not complying to the new requirements after 7 days, entire account gets suspended for 7 days.
  • If not complying to the new requirements after the 7 day suspension period, account is suspended for 28 days.

But, new tax and shipping requirements went into effect on September 1 and it's still unclear whether these new rules are being enforced.

Google Product Search Inaccurate Shipping Prices

Online retailers that have abided by the new tax and shipping requirement actually had their Google Shopping traffic and conversions go down for the past few months. That's because online retailers that haven't implemented tax and shipping info get more traffic because the total item price is lower than those who include tax and shipping.

As it stands now, Google Shopping's enforcement model encourages online retailers to make product feed changes at the last possible moment.

But what if Google Shopping engine results page rewards were given for the quick adaptation of new product feed requirements?

About the author

Andrew Davis is the Director of Marketing for CPC Strategy, a full service shopping feed management agency for online retailers.

Andrew is the author of three books, including the Merchant Comparison Shopping Handbook, the first comprehensive guide on comparison shopping engines for online retailers.

He leads the production of best-practice comparison shopping management ebooks and articles on the CPC Strategy Blog and also does ecommerce consulting for medium and large online retailers and online marketing agencies.