Google+ iOS App Released, Tops iTunes

Just over three weeks after the release of the Google+ social network and its corresponding Android app, an iOS version of the app was released and quickly rose to the top of the free apps list in the iTunes store this week. The app is essentially identical to the Android version, but currently works only on the iPhone.

Google+ iOS App Features and Support

Google Plus iOSThe app looks very similar to the Android version of the app, both in aesthetics and capabilities. All the important features, including "Huddles" (the group chat service), "Circles" (the select sharing capabilities), and "Stream" (the stream of updates from your friends) are available.

The only issue is that device support is somewhat limited. In addition to working only for iOS 3.1 or higher (excluding the first generation iPhones), Google+ doesn't yet support the iPad or iPod Touch. However, Punit Soni, head of Google+ mobile development, stated that "We will have support for all those devices soon."

According to insider sources, Google+ is slated for a public release at the end of July – although it should be noted that this is unofficial and certainly subject to change. In any case, Google has prepared its mobile end well in advance of their full release.

The Day One Update

Within a couple hours of launching the iOS app, Google+ also launched an update. The update, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, includes "'better support for attaching photos to a post,' 'various bug fixes and performance improvements,' and 'better support for blocking unwanted messages in Huddle.'"

When approached on the subject, Punit Soni explained that, "When we launched, the App Store started serving a previous test version of the App which didn't have the stability and fixes that the latest version had. It started serving the correct version a little later." The update was meant to update to the current, stable version of the app. Users who downloaded the app right away should check for updates.

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