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The Best of the International World Wide Web Conferences
SearchDay, Apr. 11, 2002
Each year, the International World Wide Web Conference provides a showcase for innovative web technologies. Here's a chronological list of significant papers over the past decade focusing on searching and search engines.

Curling Up with a Good Book Search Engine
SearchDay, Apr. 10, 2002
Looking for an interesting read? These book search engines can help you find new titles and authors based on your personal tastes and preferences.

To Or is Human
SearchDay, Apr. 9, 2002
Perhaps no other "advanced" search technique causes more trouble than the incorrect use of the Boolean OR operator. Here's why this simple little world can wreak havoc on your search results.

Open Directory Project Launches ODP Public Forums
SearchDay, Apr. 8, 2002
A group of editors from the Open Directory Project have started an unofficial public forum to discuss issues and share information about the web's "third" directory.

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Citizens Embracing E-Government,,5971_1004001,00.html
A Pew study revealed that 68 million Americans access government Web sites, a sharp increase from 40 million in March 2000.

They've Hijacked Your Inbox -- Is Your Browser Next?
It's called Ooqa Ooqa. Is it the most intrusive ad technology yet?

Inktomi, Interwoven Offering 'Holistic' Approach,2198,3531_1005261,00.html
Two Silicon Valley survivors expand their alliance to give customers a search and content delivery platform with XML-centric content management software.

Solving The World's Problems, One PC At A Time,,3291_1006451,00.html
Grid computing, the Internet and the ubiquitous PC have come together in scores of volunteer distributed computing projects designed to solve some of mankind's most perplexing mysteries.

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Internet: international news
Euro parliament says no to Web site blocks... Apr 12 2002 12:57PM GMT
Online marketing news
Anti-spam law upheld in Calif. court...
Interactive Week Apr 12 2002 11:16AM GMT
Domain name news
ICANN warns of domain dispute swindle... Apr 12 2002 8:39AM GMT
Internet features
Snapshot shows net under attack...
BBC Apr 12 2002 7:49AM GMT
Online portals news
Subscriber fees a boost for Yahoo...
San Francisco Chronicle Apr 12 2002 5:24AM GMT
Domain name news
Kid-friendly domain clears hurdle...
MSNBC Apr 12 2002 1:57AM GMT
Online search engines news
BRW: LookSmart is looking smarter at revenue...
BRW Apr 12 2002 1:46AM GMT
PFP search engines boost offer to beat off growing competition...
New Media Age Apr 11 2002 9:31PM GMT
Submitting to Search Engines...
High Rankings Apr 11 2002 7:40PM GMT
Online content news
InfoSpace warns of need for accounting adjustment...
Seattle Times Apr 11 2002 1:12PM GMT
Online portals news
Yahoo Gives Pro Forma the Boot...
Wired News Apr 11 2002 10:47AM GMT
Online search engines news
Inktomi aims to block Web-based viruses...
ZDNet Apr 11 2002 8:57AM GMT
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