Country-Specific Search Engines

Updated: Oct. 22, 2002

Search Engine Watch provides listings for search engines that serve the entire world, which you can find on the Major Search Engines page. There are also search engines that are devoted to particular countries and regions of the world. The resources below will help you locate these country-specific web sites.

All Countries

Many of the web sites listed on the Guides To Search Engines page list country-specific web sites from around the globe.

Australia & New Zealand

High Search Engine Ranking

This web site is operated by Kalena Jordan, a noted Australian search engine marketer now based in New Zealand. You'll find a list of Australian and New Zealand search engines within it, along with news about search engines Down Under and worldwide.

Australian Search Engine Relationship Chart

From Australian-based search engine marketing firm Sinewave Interactive, this is a graphical illustration of relationships between major Australian search engines.

Being Seen in New Zealand: The Lowdown on Kiwi Search Engines, March 18, 2002

Short guide to major search engines in New Zealand, plus tips on submitting.


European Search Engine Chart

Lists how various European search engines get their results.



Anyone in France who knows search engines will tell you that this web site operated by Olivier Andrieu is THE source for information, both on searching and on search engine marketing.


German Search Engine Resources
The Search Engine Report, Sept. 3, 2002

This article provides a list of major web sites that list German search engines or discuss search engine marketing in Germany.


Motori di Ricerca e Visibilita' sul Web

Trying to figure out search engine marketing in Italy? Nessun problema! This book was released in early 2002 and was written by long-time Italian search engine marketing expert Mauro Lupi, founder of Italian search engine marketing firm Ad Maiora.



This long-established web site is well regarded for information about search engines in Japan.

Japanese Search Engine Relationships

This page shows how major Japanese search engines get their results, and the web site itself also provides news and information about search engine marketing in Japan.

United Kingdom

Search Engine Watch maintains a UK search engines page, which lists major search engines serving the United Kingdom.