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Yahoo's Mama
SearchDay, Dec. 27, 2001
One of the earliest web subject directories was developed by the people who created the web itself -- and somewhat remarkably, it's still online.

Internet History Archives
SearchDay, Dec. 26, 2001
The Internet's rich history is easily accessible via these outstanding searchable archives of original source documents.

Dec. 25, 2001 -- Christmas Holiday

Headlines Only
SearchDay, Dec. 24, 2001

Elsewhere at Takes A Different Route With Europe's Top ISP,2198,3531_944171,00.html
Ignoring ICANN's slow adoption rate, the fourth largest domain name registrar works with Tiscali to supply 7.5 million active subscribers across 14 countries with extensions such as .gmbh and .turismo.

How to Suck at Interactive Marketing
In his past articles, Tig has explained how marketers should act to win clients and customers, but he hasn't yet explained how you should behave to lose them. In this article, he rectifies that oversight.

Information Architecture Versus Graphic Design
Graphic design supports information architecture -- not the other way around. Here's why.

Sold to the Highest Squatter
Opportunities for cybersquatting, the registering of a domain name for the sole purpose of reselling it at a higher price, are proliferating as new domains are created. In the past, the victims had little recourse, but that might change, thanks to the ACPA.

Search Headlines

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Internet Cleared for Takeoff...
International Herald Tribune Dec 28 2001 2:39PM GMT
Softbank sells Yahoo stake...
ZDNet Dec 28 2001 2:24PM GMT failures easing...
CNN Europe Dec 28 2001 2:12PM GMT
Brightmail names 2001 spam shame list...
Netimperative Dec 28 2001 11:37AM GMT
Yahoo agrees to take over
Nando Times Dec 28 2001 10:43AM GMT
2001: The low-down on domain name disputes...
ZDNet Dec 28 2001 8:10AM GMT
The Year in Internet Law...
New York Times Dec 28 2001 7:48AM GMT
Web searchers are agog over Google...
Charlotte Observer Dec 27 2001 5:07PM GMT
Travel portals rebound...
Boston Globe Dec 27 2001 5:04PM GMT
2002: Year of Web attacks?...
ZDNet Dec 27 2001 2:25PM GMT
Global Internet trends: North America losing dominance...
Cyber India Online Dec 27 2001 2:08PM GMT
Blogdex: Todays hottest web links...
Africa Online Dec 27 2001 12:30PM GMT
Jupiter Media Metrix Changes its Tune on Pop-Ups...
AtNewYork Dec 27 2001 2:46AM GMT
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