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12 Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers
SearchDay, Oct. 11, 2001
Find clinical trials, get in-depth info about Afghanistan, search official Net standards documents, locate an ethical search engine optimization specialist -- check out the dozen sites and tools covered in this roundup.

Refuge For About.gone Guides
SearchDay, Oct. 10, 2001
A new grassroots effort is helping former Guides re-establish their sites and providing a clearinghouse of information to help users find their favorite ex-Guides.

Deleted "Sensitive" Web Sites Still Available via Google
SearchDay, Oct. 9, 2001
Heightened security concerns have led a number of organizations to remove "sensitive" information from their web sites, yet much of this information is still available, even to people with relatively modest searching skills.

A Search Engine Lollapalooza
SearchDay, Oct. 8, 2001
In our world of web search, it is possible to get lollapalooza effects if you know what you're doing -- and super searcher Gary Price has written a guide that shows you how.

Elsewhere at INT Media

Clicking Into History,1934,2111_901491,00.html
Library of Congress releases September 11 Archive to preserve Internet's presence during and following terrorist attacks.

SurfControl Launches Its Next Gen SuperScout Filtering,2198,3531_900071,00.html
If you spend most of your workday checking stocks, glancing at sports scores, looking at pornography and basically not doing your job, pray that your boss doesn't see this article.

Friendly 404 Errors
Help stamp out link rot! When users try a non-existent page, they typically see an unhelpful error message. Learn how to make a better 404 error page with an informative script. Speaks German And Italian Domains,2325,5321_898001,00.html
Pasadena, Calif.-based domain name registry takes a Euro vacation and comes back with a way to register foreign DNS suffixes that will appeal to more than 23 million Internet users.

ITAA Seeks Anti-Disclosure Clauses in Anti-Terrorism Bills,1934,2101_899531,00.html
IT trade organization says members are concerned that information sharing with government could lead to potentially damaging public release of confidential data.

Search Headlines

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.biz injunction halts 53,000 domain names...
ZDNet Oct 12 2001 12:47PM GMT
Courts limit Net access to filings...
USA Today Oct 12 2001 9:52AM GMT
Napster trial judge lambasts music biz...
The Register Oct 11 2001 6:39PM GMT
Lycos Asia axes 60% of staff...
BBC Oct 11 2001 1:14PM GMT
Web search error adds Muppet to Bin Laden cause...
ZDNet Oct 11 2001 12:52PM GMT
Yahoo Gets Gets Friendly With Improved Search - Web Search Tip of the Day...
About Web Search Oct 11 2001 12:45PM GMT
5 stories about paying for web content (that wont cost you a penny)... Oct 11 2001 12:36PM GMT
ExciteAtHome Stops New Orders...
New York Times Oct 11 2001 8:25AM GMT
SearchHippo Launches Search Engine For Reviewed Sites...
URLwire Oct 11 2001 6:32AM GMT
VeriSign, RealNames push keyword browsing...
Business 2.0 Oct 10 2001 7:54PM GMT
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