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Search Engine Marketing Shop Talk Forum
SearchDay, Nov. 14, 2002
The Shop Talk forum at the Search Engine Strategies conference featured lively discussion and a wealth of tips and techniques from pros for maximizing search engine marketing efforts.

Low Budget Search Engine Marketing
SearchDay, Nov. 13, 2002
Need to be found in the search engines but can't afford to hire a search engine specialist? How can you attract visitors to your web site with little or no funding? Three experts share their proven low budget techniques.

Can AltaVista's Phoenix Help it Rise Again?
SearchDay, Nov. 12, 2002
AltaVista today launched its Phoenix project, a major revamping that company officials hope will help the search engine regain its lost glory and increase market share.

Banish Foreign Language Email Spam
SearchDay, Nov. 11, 2002
Can't read Kanji? Sick of Slovenian spam? Mailwasher lets you automatically filter and bounce email messages based on the character set they're written in.

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Drilling Down With A Data Mining Pioneer,,11969_1495951,00.html
Dr. Usama Fayyad, CEO and co-founder of DigiMine, has worked on data mining technology since 1989. Here he shares his thoughts about how to get the most out of your data.

Email and Search: A Powerful Combination
Email's a powerful lure for motivated shoppers but only a first step in the buying cycle. If customers are still searching when they get to your site, deliver answers.

Beware of Electronic Greeting Scam,,11953_1499311,00.html
Beware of the next electronic greeting card you receive. It may not be quite so friendly. An e-card scam is circulating, conning people into clicking onto a phony Web site where they can infect their system with a virus or have their address book stolen.

Beating Big Brands at Search Engine Marketing
Think big brands hold all the cards in the search engine marketing game? Here are some tricks the little guys have up their sleeves.

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Yahoo Rolls Out Premium E-Mail Package... Nov 15 2002 10:43AM GMT
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Microsoft Ready to Plug Xbox Into Internet...
New York Times Nov 15 2002 9:23AM GMT
Internet: international news
Danish websites censored by Chinese authorities...
Copenhagen Post Nov 15 2002 7:53AM GMT
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Dotster Launches Spam Email Protection...
theWHIR Nov 15 2002 4:29AM GMT
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Rediff awarded 'best Indian portal'...
Sify Nov 15 2002 3:53AM GMT
Yahoo drops aggregation model for exclusive deals...
New Media Age Nov 14 2002 10:11PM GMT
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FTC Charges Three Spammers, Settles With Four Others...
AtNewYork Nov 14 2002 7:50PM GMT
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Search Engine Optimization Catch-up...
High Rankings Nov 14 2002 4:24PM GMT
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Yahoo eyes more subscribers with expanded email service... Nov 14 2002 10:45AM GMT
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Inktomi back to square one after Verity search sale...
The Register Nov 14 2002 10:29AM GMT
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Net domain flaw leaves networks exposed...
ZDNet Nov 14 2002 9:23AM GMT
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Web reveals hidden lives...
BBC Nov 14 2002 9:17AM GMT
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Inktomi Exits Enterprise Search... Nov 14 2002 4:53AM GMT
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