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SearchDay #19, May 31 - Hitting the Links at Researchville
Researchville is a hybrid search site that allows you to enter your query once and sets you up to get results from over 650 sites, including more than 550 newspapers.

SearchDay #18, May 30 - Searching For Your Own Domain
Thinking of registering your own domain name? With more than 35 million domain names registered worldwide, you're going to have to do some creative thinking and skillful searching to find a name that's right on the dot.

SearchDay #17, May 29 - Search Engines from Mars, Web Directories from Venus
Talk about a far out project: The Internet Engineering Task Force has just released an "architectural definition" of the Interplanetary Internet (IPN). Long before we're able to search our favorite asteroid, the results of IPN research projects are expected to make huge improvements to our existing terrestrial Internet.

SearchDay #16, May 28 - Memorial Day Search Sites
In tribute to the historical antecedents of this holiday many of us take for granted today, here are some of the best sites on the web to search for information on soldiers who lost their lives while serving with the U.S. armed services.

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Book Review: InfoSense - Turning Information into Knowledge
Information is everywhere. How do we make sense of it all, and use it effectively? In InfoSense, Keith Devlin shows us how to make sense of the constant flow of information that bombards us daily.

Internet Use Continues to Pervade U.S. Life,,5901_775401,00.html
If you're still nursing your dot-bomb hangover, you may not have noticed that the number of Internet users in the United States is still growing, and it's also diversifying.

New Technology with Office XP - Smart Tags
We're discovering that Office XP is much, much more than Office 2000 with a fancy new name. This article takes a look at one of the most talked about new features in Office XP -- "Smart Tags" technology.

ICANN's 'I Can't' Attitude Alienating Internet Community,,10_775751,00.html
The domain name governing authority is losing the support of its constituents with the increasingly hard-line stance against alternate root servers and its top-down government-style management.

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