Searching for High Speed Hotels

Don't leave home without it -- a new global hotel directory spotlights only those that offer broadband Internet access in guest rooms.

I travel a lot, and I've grown so accustomed to my home broadband connection that it's actually painful to be forced to rely on expensive dialup service in hotel rooms. Over the past year, I've found myself spending more and more time searching for hotels with broadband service, preferring fast net access to any other hotel amenity.

The search for speed has just become easier, thanks to a new directory that lists the details of more than 2,300 broadband equipped hotels in countries throughout the world. "Geektels" is a browseable directory organized by geographic region. Each listing provides contact information for the hotel, and in most cases a description of the broadband service provider.

To find a hotel, click your way down from country to region/state and city. Strangely, for such a net-savvy site, there is no search function. Most of the major search engines allow you to restrict your queries to a particular site, however, and limiting your search to is an easy way to quickly find a hotel in any city listed.

Geektels is one of many useful internet-oriented services offered by These include links to traceroute services (to test for possible Internet connectivity problems), a whois lookup (to find out who owns a particular web site), spam tools, calculators, and more.

If you're an Internet history afficianado, Geektools also provides a searchable interface to all "Request For Proposal" documents that have been published by the various Internet advisory and defacto standards committees.

But for me, the Geektels directory the best part of the site. It's an indispensable time saver that's on my short list of really useful sites that make life in the information age ever so much easier.

Geektels is a new global hotel directory spotlights only those that offer broadband Internet access in guest rooms.

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