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Get Smart About Web Site I.Q.
SearchDay, Apr. 4, 2002
Why do people fall prey to bad information on the Internet? Here's a four-step process for assessing information quality (I.Q.) at Web sites that helps you easily distinguish the gold from the garbage.

Nuke That Spam!
SearchDay, Apr. 3, 2002
Mailwasher is a simple yet elegant email "preprocessor" that helps manage torrents of email and can even turn the tables on pernicious spammers -- sweet revenge!

Teoma vs. Google, Round Two
SearchDay, Apr. 2, 2002
Search engine upstart Teoma has officially launched, and the media is once again touting it as a Google killer. Here's a look behind the hype, and the real reasons you'll want to add Teoma to your web search toolkit.

Google Quits Search, Focuses on Waste Management
SearchDay, Apr. 1, 2002
Internet poster child Google has abandoned its efforts to create the world's most comprehensive web search engine, and is setting its sights on the lucrative world of waste management. (April Fools Issue)

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Narrow Leads In Online Search Wars,2198,3531_1004051,00.html
Yahoo, MSN and Google finish 1,2,3 but their margin of victory is slim and time is fleeting.

XML Family of Specifications: A Practical Guide
A comprehensive guide to the core XML technology from the W3C, including code examples, hundreds of links to XML resources organized by topic, an imagemap of the Big Picture of the XML Family of Specifications, and more.

8 Suggestions for Revitalizing a Stale Site,,10380_1000851,00.html
There are some low-cost ways to give your Web site a new look and most of the modifications can be made pretty quickly, and without a completely new design spec.

U.S., Canada to Go After Spammers,,3_1001711,00.html
State and federal officials, together with their Canadian counterparts, are preparing to unveil a law enforcement initiative targeting spam and Internet fraud.

How Wired is Your City?,2198,3531_1002391,00.html
Yahoo survey indicates that while San Francisco is still the most the wired city in the U.S., nationwide Internet access is on the up-and-up.

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Nothing to Yahoo Over New E-Rules...
Wired News Apr 5 2002 11:37AM GMT
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Judges Blast Library Filtering...
Wired News Apr 5 2002 11:37AM GMT
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TWIN CITIES: Easy viewing: 5Cast offers custom-built news online...
Pioneer Planet Apr 5 2002 8:22AM GMT
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Judges End U.S. Library Porn Trial on Skeptical Note...
New York Times Apr 5 2002 7:08AM GMT
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Rev. Jerry Falwell files complaint over Web site bearing his name... Apr 5 2002 6:38AM GMT
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Creating your own .NET Web service...
CNET Apr 5 2002 5:49AM GMT
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United Virtualities Preps Ooqa Ooqa...
Internet News Apr 5 2002 4:32AM GMT
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Mayor snatches journalists web domains... Apr 5 2002 1:50AM GMT
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RESEARCH ALERT-Morgan Stanley, Goldman cut Inktomi outlook...
CNET Apr 4 2002 5:24PM GMT
AltaVista in Bible club web search porn outrage...
The Register Apr 4 2002 5:00PM GMT
The search engine: a mix of partners... Apr 4 2002 2:38PM GMT
Search Google Service Menu Item Now Available...
Mac Observer Apr 3 2002 10:01PM GMT
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