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SearchDay 2001 Year in Review
SearchDay, Jan. 3, 2002
Many newsworthy and notable stories occurred in the web search universe during 2001, a year in which the pace of change accelerated dramatically despite slowdowns in other sectors.

2001's Most Wanted Search Terms
SearchDay, Jan. 2, 2002
What were the most popular search terms of the past year? It depends on which search engine you ask.

January 1 - New Year's Holiday

Headlines Only
SearchDay, Dec. 31, 2001
Happy New Year, everyone! SearchDay is headlines only today.

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Readability on the Internet
There is a great deal written and said about development of Internet sites, with much of the emphasis being placed on usability, navigation, and appearance. It is now time to throw another factor into the mix -- readability.

Today's Web: Fewer Billboards, More Substance,,10379_947001,00.html
Alexis Gutzman counters the cynic's view that the Web is much worse off than it was last year, and illustrates why the Web of today is leaner and deeper than the Web of yore.

Meta-Search Engines
Rank in the results of major search engines, and you'll soar even higher in meta-search results.

The Revolution Is Over
The days of Internet users being iconoclasts are over, so it's time to treat the medium as what it is -- a part of most Americans' daily lives.

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Going fast, Cybersquatters and their dotcom booty...
CNET Jan 4 2002 1:29PM GMT
Court upholds anti-spam law...
San Francisco Chronicle Jan 4 2002 1:02PM GMT
Sept. 11 myths abound online...
Newsweek Jan 4 2002 8:46AM GMT
What Internet Marketing Trends Can We Expect in 2002?... Jan 4 2002 7:20AM GMT
AOL Patches AIM Security Flaw...
AtNewYork Jan 4 2002 7:01AM GMT
Google Adds Wildcards to Phrases...
Research Buzz Jan 3 2002 6:53PM GMT
Legions Used Closed U.S. Web Sites...
Los Angeles Times Jan 3 2002 1:07PM GMT
Yahoo hikes listing service fees...
ZDNet Jan 3 2002 10:59AM GMT
Historic census Web site crashes...
CNN Jan 3 2002 9:29AM GMT
New hole in AOL Instant Messenger lets hackers take over...
San Francisco Chronicle Jan 3 2002 7:34AM GMT
Blodget Gives Yahoo Farewell Thumbs-Up... Jan 3 2002 7:04AM GMT
Court Upholds FTCs Authority To Regulate Internet Ads... Jan 3 2002 7:04AM GMT
Storm Chasers Collide In Domain-Name Dispute... Jan 3 2002 7:04AM GMT
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