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SEW Expert - Justilien Gaspard Justilien

Jumpstart a Viral Marketing Campaign
About to launch a viral campaign and need to energize it to increase the likelihood of success? Here are some strategies that can help jumpstart it and spread the word.
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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

Is One-Stop Media Buying a Failed Model?
Once merely an afterthought in the media buying process, auction-based media has changed everything for everybody. Or has it? Is it possible that some things just don't fit? The media buying model has yet to achieve the much-hyped shift that so many pundits predicted a short time ago.
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

Writing Sales Copy For Conversions, Part 2
Once visitors end up on your landing page, you're no longer competing for their attention with other Web sites, so change the focus to the task they're trying to accomplish. You're missing an enormous opportunity by not creating a hype-free zone on your landing page.
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SEW Expert - Carrie Hill Carrie

Testing Your Online Business Plan
When a small business fails at search marketing, more often than not the problem boils down to a poorly thought-out business plan. Monetizing a Web site is so much more than slapping some ads on a page and waiting for the checks to roll in. You need to create a business plan, and test viability of that plan before you spend any money on marketing and development.
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Microsoft Releases Earnings Early: Quarterly Profits Drop, Confirms Job Cuts
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 22, 2009

Microsoft surprised Wall Street by announcing their earnings early today. They were scheduled to announced their earnings at 5:30pm EST/2:30pm PST, after the closing bell. Unfortunately, they had negative news to report. Their quarterly profits were down (despite a slight increase in revenue), which sent the stock down by 7% ...
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YouTube Expands Click-to-Buy
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 22, 2009

In the neverending quest to monetize YouTube, Google is expanding the popular online video site's Click-to-Buy e-Commerce platform. Previously available in just the U.S. and U.K., now user in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands can impulsively buy products featured in ads below videos. The program was launched last October. It certainly ...
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Veoh Launches Slick Video Search Browser Plug-In for Firefox and Internet Explorer
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 22, 2009

Online video site Veoh has launched a nifty new video search browser plugin. The plugin is called the Veoh Video Compass and is available for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Here's how it works: Once the plugin is installed, conduct a search. You can use Google, Yahoo, MSN Live and Live Search,, ...
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Satish Dharmaraj, Founder of Zimbra, Exits Yahoo!
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 22, 2009

Just a week after Yahoo! announced Carol Bartz as their new CEO, another exec is heading out the door. Satish Dharmaraj, founder of Zimbra, an email startup acquired by Yahoo! in 2007, will no longer bleed purple, according to Kara Swisher. Swisher rightly points out that email has been one of ...
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Delve Networks Releases Impressive Obama Inauguration Speech Video Search
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jan 21, 2009

Delve Networks has released an awesome tool that lets you search Obama's inauguration speech video. When you type in a keyword, the parts of the timeline where the keyword was mentioned are highlighted. Here's a visual: Next, when you put your mouse over one of the highlighted areas, a bubble appears ...
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Affiliate Programs Jan 21, 2009
I wanted to get some input on how everyone else sees the Affiliate programs. I have been using all of the affiliates for years and it seems like the true affiliates are dying off and being replaced by "Coupon Proliferation" affiliates. I am no longer seeing the value in what they have ...
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Keyword Selecton for region Jan 15, 2009
Hello there, I need some help regarding keyword selection for a client. Say I have a client who gives mortgage advice which only covers a certain area. However, if I look for keyword with say mortgage advice yorkshire this has relatively low search volume but if I leave it as mortgage advice this ...
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Do you hear that loud sucking sound? Jan 22, 2009
It's Yahoo slowly spinning around the toilet on its way to the sanitation plant. Logged into a client account this morning. In every campaign just about every meaningful, high converting and high volume KW has been turned to "Inactive - bid too low". The suggested min bid is about 3 times ...
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