Domain Name Search Engines

Looking for a domain name or who owns a domain? These services let you narrow in on availability and owners.

Domain Notes
A great resource for all things domain. Helpful links, news and a wizard to find domain names.

Can't remember the exact URL of a web site? Tell Amnesi what you remember, and it will provide of list of sites it thinks match. The Java interface is a bit clunky and slow, but the results are impressive.
Allows you to check on domain availability with countries around the world. Launched in August 1996.

Quickly discover if a domain name is available, along with whether a trademark for the term has been registered, discover related words, and more. Domain Name Search
Check for domain name availability worldwide.

Domain name registries around the world
A guide to those in charge of domain registration services worldwide.

Check for registered domains with common US-endings such as .com and .edu.

Enter keywords, select the domain search option, this service will locate active sites with domain names that contain those keywords.

Universal domain name search engine. Look up domain names in most TLDs including countries and new TLDs, find the owner of an IP address or block, forward and reverse domain lookup.

Domain Search
Domain name search engine allows you to check the availability of over 60 different domain extensions at the same time. Also provides whois information on all registered domains.
Enter search terms and find matching domains in .com, .edu, .net and .org domains.