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Nov. 22 - Thanksgiving Holiday

Twelve Cool Sites and Tools for Searchers
SearchDay, Nov. 21, 2001
Create your own web image database, search for streaming multimedia, automatically track changes to your favorite web pages -- check out the dozen sites and tools covered in this roundup.

Search Engine Glossaries
SearchDay, Nov. 20, 2001
Baffled by Boolean? Confused about cloaking? Stumped by stemming? What you need is a good search engine glossary.

An "X-Ray" Toolbar for Web Surfers
SearchDay, Nov. 19, 2001
The Alexa Toolbar aggregates all kinds of useful information about the site you're currently viewing, from contact info to related sites and categories, available with a simple click of a link.

Elsewhere at

Yahoo Is Now All About "Focus",2198,3531_924411,00.html
For the first time since he took the reigns at the Internet media company, CEO Terry Semel and a host of Yahooligans! outline the company's long-term strategy in a daylong presentation.

Opera 6 for Windows Beta
With the beta release of Opera 6 for Windows, one thing is clear: the fat lady ain't singing, and if technological achievement is enough, then Opera should have a serious chance at grabbing some market share from Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Search Engine Optimization for Everyone
A well-optimized site isn't only search engine friendly, it's user friendly, too. Strategic design and navigation will open your site to people with disabilities and users of mobile devices -- potentially attracting thousands of new visitors.

Identity And Self
In an Everyone But Microsoft move, Sun and 32 other companies this fall created The Liberty Alliance. The Alliance is trying to provide an alternative to Microsoft Passport, an insidious plan to make Microsoft the keeper of the information that defines us as individuals on the Internet.

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