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Yesterday's email version of SearchDay was an excerpt of a much longer article, including all 131 link building strategies. The full version of the article is available on the Search Engine Watch site, at the URL below:

131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies (full article)

SearchDay Week in Review

131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies (excerpt)
SearchDay, July 11, 2002
In search engine optimization, "off page" factors have become more and more important as they relate to rankings. In particular, solid link popularity can literally make or break a site with the search engines.

Linking Legalities: What You Need to Know
SearchDay, July 10, 2002
Powerful interests are threatening anyone creating "deep links" to their web sites. Should you be worried? Eric Ward, a leading authority on web links, cuts through the bluster to pinpoint the important issues.

Deep Linking Lunacy
SearchDay, July 9, 2002
A Danish court has ruled that "deep linking" is illegal, and pundits say this decision spells doom for the Net. Should you be worried? Hardly.

Banner Ads We'd Like to See
SearchDay, July 8, 2002
Most searchers have trained themselves to ignore banner ads. Here is a novel collection of parody ads that push the "truth in advertising" adage to a hilarious extreme.

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Information Wants to Be Free (or Does It?)
Educate consumers and they'll pay for content? Wrong. The problem is the technology isn't keeping up with... the technology.

A Death for Yahoo Internet Life
Ziff Davis calls it quits on the seven-year-old lifestyle/culture title.

The Wrongs of Copyright
Everyone agrees that copyright laws must be enforced, but members of the ISP-Tech list ponder over tricky situations that occur when lawyers ask ISPs to be judge and jury in cases that the lawyers understand but the ISPs do not.

Getting the Right Information in the Information Age
Buyers make decisions based on research, news, and information. Here's how to put your hands on the facts -- fast!

Waiting, Waiting and Waiting for IPv6
The Internet's newest IP addressing scheme is ready for prime time, but the U.S. and the IETF are willing to hold off on widespread adoption of the revised naming system just a little bit longer.

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