Keeping Current with the World of Search Engines

Ironically, many people feel that staying current with the world of search is a major source of information overload. It needn't be, if you rely on this baker's dozen list of excellent newsletters and weblogs.

There's a lot going on in the world of web search, and that makes it both exciting and somewhat overwhelming. In this two part article, I'll offer my list of essential reading to keep up with the search scene.

In recent years, web search has become an important part of the overall information industry. To my mind, it's important to monitor information from the industry writ large, so if you're strictly interested in web search, some of these choices won't appeal to you. But most were selected for their usefulness for SearchDay readers, and all are free.

The List:

EContent Xtra

Going beyond the world of search, the EContent Xtra email newsfeed keeps you informed of events and trends driving the broader online content industry. Each issue typically features news and analysis content–syndication, pricing, broadband, content management, aggregation, rights management, Web search, wireless, and more.

Free Pint

Free Pint is a free email newsletter with tips on Internet searching and Web site reviews. Published twice a month, the Web site also houses the Free Pint Bar where researchers post Internet-related questions and comment. A new Web site is reviewed regularly at the Bar as Today's Tipple and every Friday the latest editions of information and Internet publications are reviewed in the Pub Crawl (Regulars only). The Student Bar (no ID required) helps students on information courses with project work, recruitment and meeting online.

Information Today News Breaks & Weekly News Digests

Information Today is a trade publication that covers both web search and the broader information industry. ITI publishes News breaks and a Weekly News Digests each Monday. The URL above is an index to all stories for the year; you can also sign up to get the Weekly News Digest via email.

LLRX is a unique, free Web journal dedicated to providing legal and library professionals with the most up-to-date information on a wide range of Internet research and technology-related issues, applications, resources and tools. Don't let the focus on legal issues fool you -- it's an excellent resource for searchers in all fields. The LLRX site is updated daily, with breaking legal, technology and research related news, edited and compiled by Sabrina I. Pacifici.

The LLRX Update is sent out no more than once a week to inform subscribers of new articles and information posted to the LLRX Front Page. LLRX Buzz Update, written by Tara Calishain, is published each week and provides news and site reviews of interest to legal researchers.

Online Magazine - Internet Search Engine Update

Greg Notess writes a monthly column featuring search engine news for Online Magazine. The link above is the table of contents for the current month; click on the "Internet Search Engine Update" link for news, or read some of the articles from the magazine that are posted online each month.

Pandia Search Engine Weblog

Pandia, hailing from Norway courtesy Per and Susanne Koch, is both a search news resource and a search engine in its own right. Though the Koch's publish a newsletter, the Pandia Weblog is kept quite current, often breaking important search engine news.


The indefatigable Tara Calishain produces ResearchBuzz, an essential compilation of news, search site reviews, and tips and tutorials for searchers. The ResearchBuzz newsletter is a free weekly. Tara also publishes ResearchBuzz Extra, that contains more news, more pointers, and an article every week about a different aspect of Internet searching. $20 a year, or $15 if you're a student, librarian, or educator. And don't forget Tara's Knickknack Drawer, a weblog that Tara describes as "sort of Internet research related but don't really fit in the main newsletter. Also some weblog-type pointers of miscellaneous resources."

SearchDay's list of essential reading to keep up with the world of search engines and the information industry will be continued tomorrow.

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