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Overture's Content Match Takes On Google's Contextual Ads
SearchDay, July 2, 2003

Overture finally unveiled its contextual ads program, called Content Match, officially this week. The program places Overture's paid listings on web pages, rather than within search results.

Microsoft's MSN Search To Build Crawler-Based Search Engine
SearchDay, July 1, 2003

Microsoft's MSN Search is still determining how it will evolve, but a key feature is running its own crawler-based search engine in house.

Search Engine Milestones for June 2003
SearchDay, July 1, 2003

Notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month.

Google Releases Updated Search Toolbar
SearchDay, June 30, 2003

Google has released an updated version of its popular toolbar, offering several new useful functions unrelated to search.

Search Engine Forums Spotlight

Brand names banned from bids
Webmaster World
"Dell has asked Google to ban any bids using the word Dell... Okay, big brands have a right to protect their name and ring fence it from abuse, but it begs the question, why recruit affiliates if they cannot use the brand name?"

Turning corporate speak into useful web copy
Webmaster World
"If you want to sell a company's product, don't ask the company what to say, ask their customers what they are looking for! What do they need, what are their concerns? There's your content."

Google's AdSense: A boost for information sites?
Webmaster World
"I personally believe that AdSense is a hugely important milestone for both Web advertising and Web information sites... By introducing targeted text ads for information sites, Google has--in one fell swoop--restored the potential of the Web to be a commercially viable medium for niche publishers."

How do I check how many pages Google has indexed?
ihelpyou Forums
"How can I check to see how many pages of my site are included in Google's index? Please tell me in layperson's terms!"

The Web's 10 most influential people
Webmaster World
" who would you say are the Web's 10 most influential/powerful people today?"

Why didn't my web designer take SEO into consideration right from the beginning?
Cre8asite Forums
"Don't you think that the prospect who goes to the Web designer first, has the MINDSET that the designer will take care of preparing/designing the site to be found by people who will be searching for their products/services? Is this NOT a given in the mind of the prospect?"

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

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