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SEW Expert - Kevin Ryan Kevin

The Search World's All A-Twitter
Many people don't know what to make of Twitter. What is it? What's the point? It's an undeniable guarantee that when you adopt something new and make it your own, someone will be there to wave a finger to explain that you're doing it wrong.
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SEW Expert - Tim Ash Tim

The Decision-Making Funnel, Stage 2: Interest
On the Web, interest is very fleeting. A world of other Web sites is just a mouse click away. The key to creating the interest is to focus on the visitor's role or current needs.
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SEW Expert - Carrie Hill Carrie

How SMBs Can Optimize their Social Networking Time, Part 1
Many small business owners know that there's benefit to be had from social networking; the challenge is not spending all of your time Twittering away when you have other work that needs to be done. So how do you keep a social networking plan on track without derailing all of your other responsibilities?
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SEW Expert - Mark Jackson Mark

3 Keys to a Successful Web Presence
A sound organic search strategy should be the core of every business's marketing efforts, but being found is just the beginning. Once you get people to your site, you need to convince them to stay, and show them what you want them to do.
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4/1/09: We Won't Get Fooled Again (Puts On Sunglasses)
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 1, 2009

It's that time of year. April Fool's Day. What's news and what's fake? Here are the jokes for 4/1/09: Live Search Hotspots Which reminds me of this video from Qualcomm: (This is an image, click to go to the page with the video - couldn't embed, sorry) YouTube revealed a new layout, which made ...
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"Twouble with Twitter" - No, This Isn't an April Fools' Day Prank
Posted by Greg Jarboe Apr 1, 2009

I know it's April Fools' Day, but the video below actually was posted to Dailymotion a week ago. Which was about the time that Guy Kawasaki, the co-founder of, was giving his opening keynote at SES New York about "Twitter as a Tool for Social Media." Since people are ...
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SES Speakers to Be Outfitted with Buzzword Shock Wristband
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 1, 2009

Was last week's SES New York just too filled with buzzwords? Was Guy Kawasaki's keynote too predictable? Did you feel that reading Lisa Barone's live blog coverage was the same as actually being there? Those days are over. From now on, if an SES speaker ever utters a buzzword, they will ...
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Is Your IT Department the Department of SEO Prevention?
Posted by Greg Jarboe Apr 1, 2009

Although I conducted this interview with Jill Whalen, the CEO of HighRankings, in February at SES London 2009, I've been saving it for April Fool's Day. Why? Because we talk about the IT Department, which is often called the Department of SEO Prevention in many organizations. One of my ...
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Google AdWords Brings Rich Media and Video Templates to Display Ad Builder
Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 1, 2009

Last October, Google launched a display advertising builder in AdWords to help online advertisers create banner ads. Since then, the tool has received a few updates as well as the addition of various templates from time to time. For example, last week a coupon template was released. This week, rich media ...
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Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

Turn Off Daily Budget in Adwords? Apr 1, 2009
How do you turn off your daily budget in adwords, and just let campaigns get the maximum number of clicks for the month? I've been reading Richard Stokes's (AdGooroo's) book and he states on page 47 that you should "Clear the maximum daily budget setting on the account" to garner more ...
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Question on an interesting phenomenon Mar 27, 2009
We sell software. Pretend that we sell Adobe Photoshop. We know that most people search "Photoshop" "Adobe Photoshop" "Photoshop CS" etc. etc. We ran a recent search query report and found hundreds of searches for "Adobe Photoshop Software CS Win/Mac" We knew from our experience that ...
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Should I move a popular directory to a separate domain? Mar 30, 2009
I think my issue is somewhat complex (at least to me!). I have a web design company, with a PR of 6. For the past 10 years I have had a subdirectory of the primary domain (which is about the Web biz) that is a micro-site for a prominent American novelist ...
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