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Keeping Current with the World of Search Engines
SearchDay, May 2, 2002
Ironically, many people feel that staying current with the world of search is a major source of information overload. It needn't be, if you rely on this baker's dozen list of excellent newsletters and weblogs.

Overture Out, Google In At AOL
SearchDay, May 1, 2002
Overture announced today that its relationship to provide
paid listings to AOL has ended, and the appearance of paid listings from Google
on the AOL Search site suggests that Google is Overture's likely successor.

Inside the Google Search Appliance
SearchDay, April 30, 2002
Want Google search on your own internal network? Try the Google Appliance, a self-contained version of the popular search engine that's stuffed into a pizza-sized box.

Map This!
SearchDay, April 29, 2002
The Maptech MapServer contains over 60,000 topographic maps, nautical charts, aeronautical charts, and aerial and satellite photographs covering the United States.

Elsewhere at

Three Types Of Sites Rule The World,2198,3531_1022921,00.html
A Nielsen//NetRatings study says overseas surfers woo over Search Engines, Portals and Communities - the same types of sites Americans are fond of.

Google SVG Search, Part I
Though Web services are relatively new, there's still no need to reinvent the wheel when calling them. Our XML expert begins his Google Web service implementation with a look at the SOAP::Lite Perl module.

Music Fans Rip More, Spend More,,1301_1025351,00.html
As the music industry continues to blame the Internet for lagging global sales, Jupiter finds that experienced file sharers are more likely to have increased their music spending budgets.

Yahoodwinked, Part Deux
If you have strong feelings about Yahoo's change of privacy policy and marketing preferences, you're not alone. Mark shares some of the most passionate opinions his "Yahoodwinked" column elicited.

Search Headlines

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Google, Yahoo partnership put to the test...
Interactive Week May 3 2002 11:38AM GMT
BBC angers rivals by launching online search engine...
Media Guardian May 3 2002 7:43AM GMT
Online content news
Web Content Extraction: A WhizBang! Approach...
EContent May 3 2002 6:44AM GMT
Online portals news
New AOL Chief's Online Plans...
Wired News May 3 2002 6:37AM GMT
Online search engines news
Overture Outlook Unclear in Wake of Google-AOL Deal...
Yahoo May 3 2002 5:16AM GMT
Web developer news
Adobe Wins Patent Lawsuit Against Macromedia...
New York Times May 3 2002 5:07AM GMT
Online search engines news
LookSmart Not Friendly to Small Business...
osOpnion May 3 2002 2:29AM GMT
Dyke said the BBC should focus on programmes, so why is he taking on Google? Search me...
Independent May 3 2002 1:01AM GMT
Domain name news
Commerce Secretary Vows Scrutiny Of ICANN Reforms... May 2 2002 5:13PM GMT
Online search engines news
Google flexes muscles with AOL search deal...
USA Today May 2 2002 9:03AM GMT
It's Official: Google's Chocolate is in AOL's Peanut Butter...
Traffick May 2 2002 7:32AM GMT
Online portals news
Is Yahoo losing the plot?...
Guardian Unlimited May 2 2002 2:40AM GMT
Online search engines news
Paying for Inclusion in the Search Engines and Directories...
High Rankings May 2 2002 0:40AM GMT
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