Attack on America: Coping with Information Overload

Trying to make sense of the events of the past week has been an enormous challenge, not only because of their complexity, but because of the massive amounts of misinformation that's been generated. Here are a few authoritative sources that are providing comprehensive background, analysis and news and links to trusted sources to help us cope with the information overload we're all experiencing.

Attack on America in Context
LexisNexis is making relevant content from its deep archive of news and legal, legislative and business information available for free to assist people in their jobs and lives with the ongoing after-effects of the tragic terrorist events of Sept. 11.

Covering the Attack
The Poynter Institute's faculty and staff are providing help to journalists involved in ongoing coverage; also links and images of newspapers publishing special editions covering the attack <>.

Disaster Coverage from
Coverage focused on the effects of the attack on the high-tech and Internet sector.

ResearchBuzz 911 Coverage

America Under Attack - Search Guide

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication's search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Echelon gave authorities warning of attacks...
Telecom.paper Sep 17 2001 8:39AM GMT
Internet Surpasses Its Original Goal...
New York Times Sep 17 2001 5:28AM GMT
I.S.P.s Curb Terrorist Postings and an Anti-Islamic Backlash...
New York Times Sep 17 2001 4:49AM GMT
How We Searched...
About Web Search Sep 17 2001 12:45AM GMT
Sites shun new domain names, prefer .com... Sep 16 2001 10:37AM GMT
From Niche Site to News Portal...
Online Journalism Review Sep 15 2001 10:27PM GMT
Companies Lack Sound Search Engine Strategies... Sep 15 2001 7:44PM GMT
Lycos search engines most popular search phrase is World Trade Center... Sep 14 2001 3:34PM GMT
Hiding Like Snakes in the E-Grass...
Wired News Sep 14 2001 10:44AM GMT
Websites Give Casualty Clues...
Wired News Sep 14 2001 10:44AM GMT
Search engines swamped...
BBC Sep 14 2001 10:22AM GMT
Jeeves Snaps up Teoma; Are We Fit to Grasp World Events?...
Traffick Sep 14 2001 7:59AM GMT
The Medium Meets the Emergency...
Washington Post Sep 14 2001 3:54AM GMT
Excite Sells Pioneering Greeting Card Site Blue Mountain...
IDG Sep 14 2001 1:12AM GMT
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