A Meta Search Engine Roundup

Completing our roundup of meta search engines, this list focuses on services that are competent and in many cases worthy of a look, but don't meet all of our evaluation criteria.

See yesterday's SearchDay for more information on how we evaluate meta search engines for review.

Other Meta Search Engines

Metasearch against several major search engines or within subject categories.

C4 allows meta searching against several major search engines.

This meta search engine provides results from AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google, Open Directory, Teoma, Wisenut and Yahoo. Advanced search offers access to more than 1,000 specialized resources, searchable by category.

Gimenei queries an undisclosed number of search engines and removes duplicates from results. Its most useful feature is an advanced search form that allows you to limit your search to a specific country.

IcySpicy is both a meta search engine offering results from Google, Overture, MSN, WiseNut, FindWhat, etc., and a collection of useful directory links and search forms for package tracking, movie locations, and so on.

Queries AltaVista, AOL, Open Directory, Excite, HotBot, AllTheWeb, FindWhat, MSN, Teoma, Yahoo and 7search. Results also offer useful links to "site info" and "Alexa info" which appear in popup windows.

Moonmist allows you to do a general or country specific meta search. Results include links to site info and a link to the Wayback machine's archived copies of the underlying result page.

Searches 15 U.K. engines. The advanced search form allows you to change the order that results are presented, either by speed or manually to suit your own preferences.

Spanish metacrawler that searches on the more popular search engines. Motor de busqueda que busca tu consulta en los buscadores mas populares en espanol.

Turbo10 is a metasearch Engine accesses both traditional web search engines and some invisible web databases, with a very speedy interface.

Watson for the Macintosh
Watson is a "Swiss Army Knife" with nineteen interfaces to web content and services -- an improvement on Sherlock, with nearly twice as many tools, including Google Searching.

Widow Meta Search
Easy to choose exactly which search engines you wish to query, and the same listings found at multiple search engines are combined together.

SearchIQ: Meta Search Reviews
Not a meta search engine but instead reviews of meta search engines.

A Meta Search Engine Roundup
SearchDay, September 18, 2002
Meta search engines look pretty much the same up front, but their approach to presenting results varies widely. Here's a list of Search Engine Watch's pick of the best and most popular metas for searching the web. Includes our evaluation criteria for selecting meta search engines to review.

Search Headlines

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