WML and WAP Search Engines

WAP, or Wireless Application Protocol, allows you to create and view web pages on wireless devices like cell phones or within handheld computers like the Palm. Why have a WAP search engine? First, using an ordinary search engine through a wireless device may not be possible or inconvenient. WAP search engines should be designed for low-bandwidth and small screen viewing. More importantly, an ordinary search engine is going to direct you to normal web pages, which again aren't designed for handheld devices. A WAP search engine will direct you to WAP pages, all which are specifically meant for your device.

FAST Mobile Search
Millions of pages from across the web suitable for mobile web devices can be searched in this crawler-based index, powered by FAST Search. You can narrow searches to locate just HDML, WAP (WML), i-mode or PDA formats.

Extensive directory of WAP web pages and WAP-related information.

Tell Somewherenear what type of business you want, such as a pub or cinema, then tell it your location, and the search engine will return matching businesses. If you have a WAP phone, there's a special version that's perfect for locating businesses while on the move. Locations are limited to Great Britain, for the moment.

Directory of WAP web sites and sites related to the wireless web.

Lists pages about WAP and WML plus pages written in WML for those with WAP browsers. Also provides a live search display of what WAP users are looking for. This site was formerly called WapMap.

WAPAW.COM - WAP Search Engine and Directory
Search engine and directory for use with wireless/WAP enabled devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and other handheld devices.

WapWarp is a directory for WAP pages and web sites, for use with both WAP and HTML browsers.

Palowireless.com Wireless Resource Center
Search engine and directory for wireless professionals. Covers Bluetooth, WAP, i-mode, HomeRF, HiperLAN, IEEE 802.11, SMS, 3G and other wireless technologies.

Wap It Out!
Directory of WAP sites. Interface is in German, but coverage is global.