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SEO for an eBay store?
Search Engine Watch Forum

"I am in the process of opening an eBay store for about 100 or so items. Being the main objective to rank high on the search engines for relevant money keywords, but pointing to the eBay store (not a domain name) it makes it a new SEO [search engine optimization” experience for me."

Who Benefits Most from 3 AdSense Ads Per Page
Webmaster World

"Google has just rolled out perhaps the most important new feature since AdSense program inception. The '3 ads per page' rule overnight doubles AdSense market size and it obviously will have wide spread consequences."

Deciding What Not To Track / Measure
Cre8asite Forums

" an industry full of buzzwords ... which of the buzzword metrics do not track and measure, and why did you decide not to track them, and which metrics do you track as background?"

What SEO Guarantees Do You Offer?
Search Engine Watch Forums

"...I am curious to see what peoples thoughts are on this subject and the reasons behind their thoughts."

Bad Inward Links?
High Rankings Forum

"If pages with a low PageRank - say 2 or even 0 - link to my site...will this adversely affect my PageRank? I know there is a PageRank formula but just looking at it gives me a headache."

Keywords In Quotes Vs. Keywords In Italics
High Rankings Forum

"I'm writing Web site copy that includes the name of a popular radio show that we would like to be a keyword that shows up our SERPs [search engine results pages”. It is stylistically correct to place this radio show title either in italics or within quotations marks from an editing point of view. Is there a SEO reason to choose italics over quotation marks?"

Yahoo Local Match & Yellow Pages
Webmaster World

"Are Y! Yellow Pages and Y! Local Match going to be side-by- side products competing with one another?"

Themed Sites Level of Importance in Ranking Algorithm - The Theory
Search Engine Watch Forums

"Do some people misunderstand the concept of what a 'theme' is? The search engines think of it as the 'utility' and the 'depth' of the site, as members talk about new ideas of theming."

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