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The Truth About Big Brother Databases
SearchDay, October 3, 2002
Worried that your personal details may be stored away in a database that anyone can search? Two public records search experts set the record straight on what exactly is -- and is not -- included in "big brother" databases.

Google News Search Leaps Ahead
SearchDay, October 2, 2002
Google has dramatically enhanced its news search service, serving up a portal of real-time news drawn from more than 4,000 sources worldwide.

Happy Birthday, Excite!
SearchDay, October 1, 2002
Excite, the first search engine to go beyond keywords and introduce concept based searching to the web, opened its virtual doors to the public seven years ago.

LookSmart Revives Wisenut Search Engine
SearchDay, September 30, 2002
LookSmart has quietly relaunched its Wisenut search engine, bolstering its technology and refreshing its index with a brand new crawl of the web.

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Hidden Tips for Microsoft FrontPage
Are you making the most of your time with FrontPage? While there are dozens and books and tutorials available for the ever popular web page development product, there are still some hidden tips known only by a select few.

Attorney General Files California's First Spam Lawsuit
Bill Lockyer calls spam the 'scourge of the Information Age' and sends out the first warning shot to all individuals and companies in California that engage in illegal spamming activities.

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This JavaScript automatically generates meta tag for a web page.

Open Standards Play Big In Motown
The auto industry is not often thought of as a hotbed of high-tech but General Motors CTO Tony Scott told attendees at Wednesday's Internet World keynote address that Detroit is helping drive technology standards.

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