Search Industry Pundit Launches Newsletter

Longtime information industry veteran and technology pundit Stephen Arnold has launched a new bulletin that's well on its way to becoming a must-read newsletter.

If you've ever attended a search engine or information industry conference, you've probably been entertained and enlightened by Steve's thought provoking presentations. He brings both extensive experience (he was a founder of the Point World Wide Web indexing service, sold to Lycos in 1995) and a broad understanding of technology to his presentations and writings.

Steve specializes in keeping abreast of cutting edge technologies, mapping out the disruptions they are likely to have on current systems and companies. This often makes his views controversial, but whether you agree with his opinions or not you'll almost always come away with a fresh perspective on issues that may have a significant impact on your life as a searcher.

The first two issues of the Arnold IT Bulletin cover a range of topics, including industry trends, book reviews, overviews of portal building toolkits and many other topics. Read the issues online via the URL below -- if you like what you see, email subscriptions are free.

Arnold Information Technology Bulletin
Archives of previous issues, links to other useful resources, and a free registration form for the Arnold IT Bulletin.

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Chris Sherman is a frequent contributor to several information industry journals. He's written several books, including The McGraw-Hill CD ROM Handbook and The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can't See, co-authored with Gary Price. Chris has written about search and search engines since 1994, when he developed online searching tutorials for several clients. From 1998 to 2001, he was's Web Search Guide.