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Build Your Own Yahoo
SearchDay, Nov. 1, 2001
The itch to create your own online portal eventually strikes just about every web searcher. To do it properly, you should make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Google Unveils More of the Invisible Web
SearchDay, Oct. 31, 2001
Google has quietly extended its index of the web, for the first time making searchable a number of file formats that are all but ignored by other search engines.

The Wayback Machine: A Web Archives Search Engine
SearchDay, Oct. 30, 2001
The Wayback Machine is a phenomenal search engine that contains over 100 terabytes and 10 billion web pages archived from 1996 to the present.

Make a Shorter Link
SearchDay, Oct. 29, 2001 takes long URLs and outputs a very short one that's easy to email, include in newsletters, or add to your own bookmarks or favorites list.

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Linking Mistakes to Avoid: Removing Orphaned URLs
You've got an active Web site. Files go up, come down, get archived, and are renamed. Meanwhile, all those search engines think your old links are current. Here's how to solve the problem, boost your traffic, and stay on the search engine radar.

Teledesic: A Space-Based Internet
Founded in 1990, Teledesic, (pronounced tel-e-DEH-sic) is in the process of building broadband, Internet in the Sky network. Making use of advanced Satellite technology, Teledesic is creating a worldwide network offering a “fiber-like” access to telecommunications.

Debt-Riddance For NaviSite,,3411_913241,00.html
Striking a financial restructuring deal with Compaq, CMGI supports its ailing subsidiaries, NaviSite and AltaVista.

Personalization Vs. Privacy Debate Heating Up,2198,3531_913741,00.html
A face-off between privacy advocates and mass marketers is expected to come to a head at upcoming content networking event in San Jose.

Ask Jeeves About Its Dismal Quarter,2198,3531_914281,00.html
The question and answer search engine reports a third-quarter loss and declining sales as it drops a Spanish language joint venture and a blah outlook for Q4.

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