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Dealing with Yahoo, LookSmart and the ODP
SearchDay, May 23, 2002
Getting your site listed in the major Web directories is crucial. Representatives from the Big Three share tips and techniques that help you facilitate the process.

Google's Gaggle of New Goodies
SearchDay, May 22, 2002
Google has enhanced its already indispensable toolbar, and is offering an intriguing peek inside the kimono through Google Labs, a "technology playground" for ideas that aren't quite ready for prime time.

Google Tops In Search Hours Ratings
SearchDay, May 21, 2002
What's the most popular search engine? There's a new metric available for determining this, the total number of "search hours" users spend at a site, a figure that sees Google leading by far over other search engines.

Search Engines, Keywords and Dictionaries
SearchDay, May 20, 2002
Using the right keywords is crucial, for searchers and webmasters alike. Here are two sites with definitions and translations of hundreds of thousands of words, in a wide variety of languages.

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Can "Deep Linking" Lead to Deep Trouble?,,3_1138351,00.html
Recent legal rumblings call into question the legality of linking to pages within Web sites.

Washington Post Co. Unveils,,3_1140591,00.html
Consolidating its and brands, the company raises the curtain on a new site focused on the intersection of technology, industry and government.

Copyright Office Rejects CARP Ruling,,3_1142161,00.html
A big win for Webcasters as the controversial CARP ruling on royalty rates gets rejected by the Library of Congress.

The Web as a Way of Life,,5901_1142561,00.html
Many Americans that experienced significant life changing events or decisions in the past two years turned to the 'Net for research, information and alternative courses of action.

Netscape -- Down But Not Out,,10_1142911,00.html
Getting up off the canvas, the company launches a preview version of its next-generation browser, featuring AOL IM and Internet radio functions.

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