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Yesterday's SearchDay omitted a link to a longer, more detailed version of "How Search Engines Look at Links," available to members of Search Engine Watch. Members can access this additional information using this link:

How Search Engines Look at Links - Members only version

SearchDay Week in Review

How Search Engines Look at Links
SearchDay, June 13, 2002
Representatives of Google, Fast, and Ask Jeeves/Teoma share inside information about page ranking and search engine link analysis techniques.

The Living Internet
SearchDay, June 12, 2002
How much do you really know about the Internet? How does it work? Who invented it? The Living Internet has answers to these questions and just about everything else you ever wanted to know about our online world.

Optimizing Keywords for Search Engines
SearchDay, June 11, 2002
Effective optimization for search engines requires more than just fiddling with web pages -- you need to carefully select and focus your efforts on specific keywords for maximum success.

Updates From FirstGov and Ask Jeeves
SearchDay, June 10, 2002
The search engines at FirstGov and Ask Jeeves have both been upgraded and enhanced with new features and capabilities.

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Lycos Music: Rhapsody in Green?
The Waltham, Mass., Internet giant intros paid tune services, powered by San Francisco's, as part of an ongoing effort to wean itself off ad revenue. to Relaunch
The Web Standards Project relaunches this week with a new mission, new members, and a new attitude. Having convinced the browser and authoring tool makers to adopt standards, they turn their pointy stingers towards web designers and developers.

Machine Commerce in the Post Human Era
M-Commerce may come to mean Machine Commerce, as some analysts look beyond the human mobile saturation point to new markets where machines are the major players.

New Terascale Grid To Simulate Terrorist Attacks,,3281_1365171,00.html
Purdue University and Indiana University have linked their IBM supercomputers to create a terascale Grid. One planned use of the new Grid is to simulate terrorist attacks to help government agencies prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Ivy League Researchers Develop Single-Molecule Transistors,4028,6571_1365041,00.html
Scientists at Cornell and Harvard report they have developed transistors in which electrons flow through a single atom.

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