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Bookmarklets: Free Tools For Power Surfing
SearchDay, Feb. 28, 2002
Bookmarklets are handy free tools that enhance your web surfing experience, acting much like "intelligent" bookmarks.

The Ten Commandments of Internet Searching
SearchDay, Feb. 27, 2002
Find the path to searching enlightenment and avoid the temptations that can lure you to commune with false ideas with these ten commandments of internet searching.

Jupiter Media Metrix Releases New Search Specific Traffic Figures
SearchDay, Feb. 26, 2002
For the first time, comprehensive estimates of search activity by Internet users is being made publicly available, and it sheds new light on which search engines are really the most "popular."

Lycos Launches Paid Inclusion, Hosted Search
SearchDay, Feb. 25, 2002
Lycos is introducing two new services today: A paid inclusion program and a hosted site search service, both in conjunction with partner FAST Search and Transfer.

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Score One For Napster,2198,3531_979711,00.html
Judge Marilyn Hall Patel smells a "monopoly" and orders the record companies to put up or shut up when it comes to just who owns "works for hire."

Lycos: Weaving a New Web
A preview of new Lycos products and services for searchers, subscribers, and site operators.

Raising Our Brainchild
The Web is out of its infancy. Now what?

Read All About It,,10380_981661,00.html
This news engine creates an automated public relations service and helps to get your company's press releases in front of the most appropriate eyeballs.

Media Buyers: Will Google Put You Out of Business?
Google's just-launched CPC model (coupled with its stealth technology) could eventually make many agency and sales functions obsolete.

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