Beyond the Google Toolbar

UltraBar emulates the most powerful features of the Google toolbar and extends them to virtually any search engine on the web -- and it's free.

Just about everyone who downloads the Google toolbar finds it indispensable. But there are times when you want to use other search engines, and though there are other engine-specific toolbars available, they tend to clutter up your browser. As an alternative, you can customize Internet Explorer's Search Assistant to query multiple engines, but you're limited to a relatively small set of sites selected by Microsoft.

UltraBar is a simple search toolbar that solves this problem, by allowing you to add virtually any search engine to its menu. It makes no difference if it's a major search engine, a music sharing service, a recipe site, or even your own internal intranet. If it's a search tool, you can add it to your UltraBar menu.

UltraBar provides only the most commonly used features of the Google toolbar: Search, highlighting terms, and a "seek to terms" button which takes your cursor to each instance of your search terms on the page -- very handy for finding what you're looking for on long web pages. But in many cases, this simple functionality is more than enough to help you find what you're looking for.

Unlike many "free" programs available today, UltraBar does not install spyware or adware on your system, either. UltraBar does not collect any information about you other than what is contained in their Web server log files, and only installs the components necessary to power UltraBar directly.

If you like the power of the Google toolbar and would like to extend it to other search engines on the web, give UltraBar a try. Requires Internet Explorer version 5.01 or higher and Windows 95 or higher.


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