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Ask the Search Engine: Coping with Fraudulent Pay-Per-Click Traffic
SearchDay, Apr. 18, 2002
Pay per click search engines can bring lucrative, targeted traffic to your site, but how do they avoid abuse that can needlessly drive up your costs?'s Patrick Hopf describes strategies and tactics to combat PPC fraud.

Winners Don't Take All: Link Popularity for the Rest of Us
SearchDay, Apr. 17, 2002
Though a small number of sites get the majority of inbound links and traffic, a new study reveals a previously unknown pattern of web page connectivity and shows how new, poorly connected sites can compete.

AltaVista Testing "Paraphrase" Tool
SearchDay, Apr. 16, 2002
AltaVista's new query refinement tool offers suggestions for improving your search terms. Also, the search engine is adding new content on a more frequent basis.

Google Makes Scientology Infringement Demand Public
SearchDay, Apr. 15, 2002
Google has made public the letter it received from lawyers demanding removal of Scientology related content from its search engine, complete with a list of allegedly infringing URLs.

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Web Services at Work: Google Web APIs
You've read all the theories, now it's time to take a close-up look at an actual Web service definition. XML expert Michael Classen introduces you to the newly announced Google Web API.

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Support A Cow, Eat The RIAA,2198,3531_1010901,00.html says Hilary Rosen is way off base with her criticism of Gateway's CD burning ads.

ZettaCore's Goal: Memory Powered by Molecules,4028,6571_1011881,00.html
ZettaCore is designing and engineering a molecular memory chip that will drop into today's (and tomorrow's) devices using industry standard connections.

Book Review: Constructing Usable Web Menus
Aimed at intermediate to advanced developers, "Constructing Usable Web Menus" homes in on what works, and what doesn't when designing menus for the Web.

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Time Apr 19 2002 11:47AM GMT
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Verity Announces Expanded Alliance with TIBCO Software...
EContent Apr 19 2002 10:25AM GMT
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Debate over ICANN reform rages on... Apr 19 2002 9:45AM GMT
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The Register zooms up the 'the' Google Charts...
The Register Apr 19 2002 9:22AM GMT
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Yahoo yodeler sues over trademark cry...
CNET Apr 19 2002 3:47AM GMT
Yahoo taps Hollywood veteran...
CNET Apr 18 2002 11:25PM GMT
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200m Europeans to be online by 2006... Apr 18 2002 8:54PM GMT
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Content Enhancement Acquires Natural Language Search Capabilities...
Content-Wire Apr 18 2002 8:02PM GMT
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Yahoo Gives CareerBuilder The Boot...
AtNewYork Apr 18 2002 4:22PM GMT
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Deep Linking Returns to Surface...
Wired News Apr 18 2002 10:54AM GMT
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Yahoo Auctions Cuts Staff in US and Canada... Apr 18 2002 10:00AM GMT
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Can search engines track down terrorists?...
ZDNet Apr 18 2002 9:13AM GMT
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In Search of Perfect Information...
Time Apr 18 2002 4:20AM GMT
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