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Safe Searching with Lycos
SearchDay #219, Mar. 7, 2002
Parents, librarians or others needing to restrict access to adult or inappropriate web sites should look at Lycos SearchGuard, a flexible and sensible filter that doesn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Newsblaster: An Automatic Weblogger
SearchDay #218, Mar. 6, 2002
Newsblaster is a great new tool for news junkies, and also points the way toward some seriously cool automated web harvesting technologies that will be a boon to searchers.

Ten Things You Need to Know about Linking and Link Popularity
SearchDay #217, Mar. 5, 2002
Understanding linking and link popularity is crucial for achieving high search engine rankings -- and for avoiding penalties for abusing the often-times unspoken rules.

Metadata or Metagarbage?
SearchDay #216, Mar. 4, 2002
Metadata is the holy grail for improving search, according to its advocates. Garbage! replies one critic, detailing seven reasons while even the most promising metadata schemes will fail.

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ICANN Be Reorganized
Support for any type of governmental control over the Internet is just about as popular as kicking puppies. To most hard-core Internauts the thought of government control over the Internet is absurd. So why would ICANN leadership propose just that?

Sony and CenterSpan Ink Peer-to-Peer Deal,2198,3531_983881,00.html
Adding Sony's music catalog to its secure distribution network, CenterSpan warms the freeze with major record labels over peer-to-peer digital technology.

Trial Date Set for Morpheus,2198,3531_985781,00.html
StreamCast's controversial peer-to-peer technology continues to take a legal beating but pins hope on the 'Betamax VCR Defense.'

Are You Sure You're Secure?,,10380_986751,00.html
These free evaluation services will test your computer's vulnerabilities and offer suggestions for stepping up protection.

Fraud Continues to Haunt Online Retail,,6061_984441,00.html
Online fraud losses for 2001 were 19 times as high, dollar for dollar, as fraud losses resulting from offline sales, GartnerG2 found.

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