Overture Out, Google In At AOL

Overture announced today that its relationship to provide paid listings to AOL has ended, and the appearance of paid listings from Google on the AOL Search site suggests that Google is Overture's likely successor.

Overture has been providing paid listings to AOL since October 2000. The listings have appeared under the "Sponsored Links" heading on the AOL Search site in the United States, as well as appearing on AOL-owned search sites run under the Netscape and CompuServe brands in the US.

Overture is now out as the paid listings provider for all of these AOL sites in the US, though Overture's deal to provide paid listings to AOL sites in the United Kingdom, Germany and France remains unaffected.

AOL has made no official announcement about who will take over the deal, but paid listings from the Google AdWords program are now appearing at AOL Search. For several weeks, Google AdWords have also been appearing on the CompuServe search site.

Overture listings do continue to appear in the "Partner Search Results" area of Netscape Search, but these are to be phased out by August. Overture results are supposed to have been removed from the "Sponsored Links" section of CompuServe, but they remain there as well.

Overture has previously stated that its rosy financial guidance for the remainder of the year has not assumed that the AOL deal would be renewed. Given this, Overture should still be on track for a year of record profits, which has many stock analysts excited over the company. In addition, Overture just renewed an unprecedented three-year contract to continue providing paid listings to Yahoo.

However, if Google is indeed the new AOL paid listings provider, it is a giant step forward in that company's plans to play in the distribution space that Overture has until now dominated. Advertisers already seek out Google because of the huge amount of search traffic its own site generates. Gaining distribution on AOL's popular search sites only makes the company's ad programs an even more compelling prospect, in terms of reach.

I'll be examining the Yahoo-Overture and AOL-Google deals in more detail when the next Search Engine Report newsletter comes out on May 6. In addition, there will be more detailed coverage of the significant changes LookSmart has made to compete in the paid listings space last month. Extended coverage will also be provided to Search Engine Watch members, in the Search Engine Update newsletter they receive. More information about either newsletter is below, along with more details on the stories above.

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Overture Press Releases

Overture has emailed their press release on the AOL deal but not yet posted it. Watch this page, where it should appear shortly.

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